Michigan Accordion Society

A 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Charitable Organization
Advancing the Accordion in Michigan and Beyond.....

Celebrating 20 Years 1996 – 2016


On behalf of the over 200 members of the Brand New Michigan Accordion Society, I would like to welcome you to our New Web site!

The Michigan Accordion Society was founded in 1996 and has re-emerged recently as an internationally acclaimed Accordion Society which was recognized as the best Accordion Society in the world by the International Accordion Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Michigan Accordion Society was recognized for all our efforts in creating a fresh and new Accordion Organization with the acclaimed “Frosini Award”!

We have demonstrated great leadership in the world of the accordion by recently introducing and spearheading some great programs right here in Michigan as follows:

  • Building a value added Membership Discount program thanks to our Business Supporters
  • Offering an Accordion Referral network
  • Refreshed our newsletter to full color along with electronic distribution
  • Designed and introduced our membership award and referral program
  • Generated a positive & enthusiastic membership base
  • Found a new Home for our Accordion Society at the brand new 5 star Forestre Banquet Center in Rochester Hills, MI
  • Introduced a great new full colored Membership Card
  • Secured healthy funding that officially kicked off the Tony Dannon Student Scholarship Foundation
  • Received over $30,000.00 in music scholarship funding
  • Awarded and issued over 20 music scholarships to local community music students
  • Kicked off our "Accordion For Kids" Program
  • Very pleased to advise that the Michigan Accordion Society has been approved for 501 c 3 business status & that donations are tax-deductible and gratefully accepted by mailing your contribution to the Club Treasurer at 37365 Hanson Dr, Sterling Heights, MI 48310. Checks should be made payable to the Michigan Accordion Society noted as a "donation"
  • Bringing world renowned Accordionist along with world class musicians and singers to our Monthly Music Events
  • Worked in finding strategic Partnerships with the following organizations, The Slovene American Club, The Shelby Music Society, The Bellini Opera Foundation, The Stark weather Music Society and the Greater Detroit Jazz Society
  • Participated in wonderful invitations from several top Radio Broadcasts stations that have recognized the work we havedone and wanted to do story’s on our success
  • We are finding new accordionists each month to join and help support our organization and the instrument for future generations to come.

All of this work was time consuming and a true labor of love for the instrument and we could not have done this without a great team in place and would like to thank each of our Officers, Board of Directors, Members along with our MAS Business Supporters all who helped to make this a world class and internationally recognized organization. All of this has had a great impact in producing a positive momentum with the Michigan Accordion Society!

We will continue to roll out new programs and featured artist into the 2014 CY and beyond. So I personally invite you to join us either as a members or guest at each of our events which can be found on our up-to-date websites “Events” page or through our Face Book Page.

Thank you again for visiting and we hope you find our website helpful. I personally look forward in seeing you at one of our events in the near future!

Joe Recchia

President – Michigan Accordion Society


We are glad you are visiting our web site! This is the place to learn about the activities of the Michigan Accordion Society (lovingly known by the members as MAS). It is also the place to find the answers to your accordion related questions. Would you like to meet other people who enjoy playing accordion? Or perhaps you are wondering where you can go to repair or tune your accordion, or perhaps find a new one, or find music written for accordion, or an accordion teacher. Perhaps you are looking for an accordion player for your big family event. MAS can help you find what you are looking for.

We are located in the S/E Michigan area but have members from all of Michigan as well as other states. Our members include those who love the accordion but do not play as well as those who are highly accomplished players such as Dick Contino. Our members enjoy the accordion in all its variations, piano, bayan, bandoneon, chemnitzer, concertinas, and MIDI variations of all types including the latest reed less, electronic accordions. We welcome accordion aficionados of all levels from professional to beginners. Our members play a large variety of musical styles. Do you love classical music, or jazz, polka, rock and roll, maybe Cajun/Zydeco, Tex-Mex? Perhaps you enjoy the music of your ethnic background...so do we!

Our meetings consist of an “open mike” style meeting with members performing as well as guest artists from all over the US and other countries. You don’t have to play accordion either. Maybe you just like hearing music played on an accordion. We would love to play for you!

The MAS is also proud of its scholarship efforts. We recognize and support budding young musicians with the hope they will continue in their musical studies and enjoy playing music for the rest of their life. Each year MAS sponsors a special concert devoted to student musicians at any skill level who can perform on any instrument they like, even if it isn’t an accordion.

Bob Berta
Vice President—Michigan Accordion Society